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Red Tiger Gaming が、今後のオンライン スロットで Vault を破る方法を教えてくれます

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レッドタイガーゲーム is always on the lookout for new ideas that will help them develop better online slots. So far it managed to create some unique and truly amazing titles.

Its incredible work will surely continue as it has hot upcoming slots in development. One of them is 金庫破り屋メガウェイズ, an online slot that is set to release on January 11th, 2024.

Vault Cracker Megaways Is Offering Something New on the Market

With this new game, レッドタイガーゲーム is trying to show us the life of robbers and how they steal money. The main focus is on breaking inside a big vault, which the players will see in the background. It has a sharp look and will surely please everyone who is into such topics.

Vault Cracker Megaways スロット ゲーム

Now, the winning combinations will appear on a 6×7グリッド that holds up to 117,649通りの勝ち方. Objects and symbols that are related to bank robbing are included in 金庫破り屋メガウェイズ.

Among them are a bag of money, a necklace, a piggy bank, and a fake gun. Characters that act as robbers are also part of this game, but they only appear during the bonus games.

レッドタイガーゲーム is also revealing that the RTPレート of this new game is set at 視聴者の38%が. It also has a high volatility level, which shows that the payouts don’t appear very often. However, they tend to be very rewarding, which makes up for the wait.

It is worth noting that the highest possible payout in Vault Cracker Megaways will be set at 2,484x the bet.



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4.8 /5

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The Extras of This Upcoming Online Slot

金庫破り屋メガウェイズ will have several bonus features, just like most modern online slots. One of them is the Daily Drops jackpot system, which is organized and provided by Red Tiger Gaming. It is responsible for rewarding 3 types of progressive jackpots.

別の ボーナス機能 that will take part in this upcoming slot will be the 金庫. These are actually 飛散 that are rewarding cash prizes when they land together with a 強盗マスター or b. They feature 3 types of values, where the most generous one goes up to 30x the bet.

Vault Cracker Megaways gamble feature

Next is the Heist Master feature, which triggers when a player lands on the symbol with the same name. It provides unlimited respins and it makes all Cash Safes lock in position.

During this bonus game, the reels will only feature blanks, Scarlet Rough, 金庫. There will be a Heist Multiplier of up to x7 above each reel. This multiplier applies when a reel is full with Cash Safes.

Scarlet Rogue symbol lands on the reels, it will take the player into the Rivalry feature. Here, the game will spin a wheel and if the pointer ends in the red section, then it will end the Heist Master feature.

レッドタイガーゲーム didn’t forget to include a ボーナス購入オプション in this upcoming game. Players get to の中から選ぶ   Heist Master BonusHold-Up Artist スピン。

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